Omotenasi of Gyokusuikan

Omotenasi of Gyokusuikan


Omotenasi of Gyokusuikan

Comfortable and Cozy.

Yukata Robe(For Female Guests)

Omotenasi of Gyokusuikan

You can exchange your Yukata robe prepared in the guest room for acolorful and stylish Yukata at the front desk(Please bring it before you wear it.) 

  • 種類が豊富なのが自慢です!


  • 半幅帯も様々な色をご用意しています


  • お子様用の浴衣やグッズも充実


Aroma & Este

Omotenasi of Gyokusuikan

Aroma & Este service newly appeared.


Este Menu


Omotenasi of Gyokusuikan

It is an herbal remedy that has been used to treat illnesses and injuries as a traditional medicine in Thailand. You bathe in the steam of Samunphurai infused with herbs(10kinds).By steaming Samunphurai, the steam containning active ingredients penetrates the skin on the outside and the respiratory system on the inside,causing you to perspire a lot.It warms the body from the core and improves blood circulation. It excretes toxins in the body through perspiration. It also moisturizes the trachea and cleanses your throat by the therapeutic aroma of herbs.

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